Home in the city of Puebla Mexico his studies at the School of Arts to continue them today in the Riviera Maya.


Clubber, Goover, Raver, Electronic Musician and Producer E. Joya currently has developed the concept of Techno Resistance 04 senior Disc Jokey promoting the highest quality on the dance floor and performance to run the underground music culture.


Every day delves into new and dynamic technologies in audio production, and familiar with art instruments applied dance music all this takes place on his label U.W.Rec.




  • 1981 Born under the sign of Gemini TR-04 & E.JOYA


  • 1991 Changes his musical interests to electronic music underground and looking for ways to acquire 2  Technics SL200mk2 and Mixer.


  • 1996 began his career professionally as Disc Jockey DJing in different clubs in the city of Puebla and Clubs Underground.


  • 2000 to 2009 enters and specializes in electronic music directing their hands vinyl Music Techno, Funky, Punk Beats, Driving & Slaming, Latin Techno, House, this led him DJing at various clubs and discotheques in South Participating Mexico and northern phenomenon Rave events that engulfed Mexico .Influenced by the style of music like Jeff Mills, Marco Bailey, Mistress Barbara, Monika Kruse, DJ Peach, Marco G, Len Faki, Gayle San, Axel Karakasis, Cristian Varela Alexander Kowalsky. Ken Ishii, Daft Punk, Carl Cox and labels such as Axis, porpuse Maker, Terminal M, Len Series, Skint, MB Elektroniks, Pornographics Recordings, Session Lupp.Invasion Belgium Belgium, Pure Sonik, Stigmata, Primevil, Primate, Ovum, Elephantus, Sway, Bound , Rhythm + Cover, Intec, Relic Recordings.


  • 2010-2015 is developed in the audio production industry in the Riviera Maya and the underground electronic music scene and current in Quintana Roo mexico.


  • 2016-2017 founded his own record label and studio Underground Waves Rec. Playa del Carmen Mexico



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